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We all get tired eventually


In the same way that the detective movie is a fantasy about city life, the spy movie is a fantasy about tourism.


Fascinating piece on the sunking city of Argentina.

Adventure Argentina
Adventure Asia China Photography

The Adventure Blog has the story of South African adventurer Davey du Plessis who is attempting a source-to-sea trip down the Amazon has been taken to Lima after being shot several times and being left for dead.

Adventure South America

West Hansen is attempting to set a new record in navigating the length of the Amazon by kayak in 60 days. One of his main obstacles is the 40-mile long, terrifying looking and terrifyingly named, Acobamba Abyss.


41 Top Roadtrip spots – some great pictures, although I’m not sure you can call some of these a roadtrip.


Bangers and Cash – a writeup on the Guardian of the first Central Asia Rally from Budapest to Dushanbe in Tajikstan.


Feel the the need to jump into the water with a 15ft killing machine? Gadling has everything you need to know about diving with Great Whites in Australia.

Adventure Australia