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In the same way that the detective movie is a fantasy about city life, the spy movie is a fantasy about tourism.


Sometimes it’s not all about solo travellers.


2 sites 150m apart claim to be sitting on the equator just north of Quito.


Fascinating piece on the sunking city of Argentina.

Adventure Argentina

New site easynest allows you to cut costs by sharing a hotel room with a fellow traveller.

Hotels Money

The new owners of Lonely Planet have sacked more than 100 at their Melbourne world HQ, including the entire editorial staff. One worker said that NC2 have “made it clear that they were no longer in the business of content creation”.

Colombia South America
Adventure Asia China Photography

David Whitley, aka The Grumpy Traveller, thinks it’s OK to visit McDonalds occasionally on your travels.


Scenes from a bygone time